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Just Myles Covers “Twice” (Little Dragon)


Hisson1083 with X-Factor | St. Nick’s Pub | 10.21.10


One Sentence Album Reviews by Terrence “Hot Foot” Lathan

“If Heaven and Eden were combined this would be the soundtrack.”

“So much soul in a little piece of plastic.”

“A unique vision painted over a canvas of eclectic samples.”

Stuff We Could’ve Shot

Francis + The Lights “Darling, It’s Alright”

A single take live performance, edited with light.

On Unofficial Marketing…The Black Keys

Oh you musicians and your clever anti-marketing ploys.

What I downloaded today:

Well really yesterday…but that wasn’t as captivating a title.
I guess this title is only as captivating as you value my taste in music…
Pfft whatever.

Just download this and thank me later.