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On Unofficial Marketing…The Black Keys

Oh you musicians and your clever anti-marketing ploys.


What I downloaded today:

Well really yesterday…but that wasn’t as captivating a title.
I guess this title is only as captivating as you value my taste in music…
Pfft whatever.

Just download this and thank me later.


And introducing…The Transparent

Welcome to The Transparent.
A brand new video series crafted by Omari Soulfinger.
We’re very excited to bring this to you. It’s been a long time in the making.
This particular clip is footage from the first volume of videos that will also be featured in the Our Image Film Festival this year.

Recently we caught up with Soulfinger (it wasn’t hard he can’t run that fast).
Here’s what he had to say about the forthcoming series.

Soulfinger: Kurt Vonnegut once said “Be careful what you pretend to be… because you are what you pretend to be.” Yeah so uh…”The Transparent” it’s like a big ol mixing bowl of sketches, reenactments, music videos, interviews, social experiments, and performance art that stir stir… I say stir up the questions, opinions and theories behind the lack of sincerity and candor of these times. Why do we feel obligated to people’s birthday parties that we don’t really know or like? Why are we forced to lie when our boss asks “So what do you think?”… What is the socially acceptable time limit for falling in love? … “Why do I wear clothes I hate 5 days a week, just to buy clothes I like to wear for only 2 days a week?… ‘Cos lets face it, we all have a minimum of 2 identities. The “who” we are and the “who” society has decided we should be. (He pauses to take a bite of a fish sandwich) Kna saying?…It’s delicious, ingredients feature a fresh cast of award winning friends and whoever responded back to me on Craigslist. A smorgesboard of local musical beings and madness. Real Righteous and all that…

Be sure to keep checking back for new content and updates.
For more info on Soulfinger check out

I’m Just Sayin… Mariah Carey

Of Mariah and Mermaids

In the 90s, few things were bigger than Disney movies. Of these movies, none was better than the Little Mermaid (except the Lion King…Africans always hold it down). Ariel is a flighty songstress with aspirations of being a regular human. She willfully traded her voice for a pair of legs, and a real chance of love with Prince Eric.

The only thing bigger in the 1990s than the Little Mermaid? Mariah Carey. Mariah’s music played the soundtrack to our childhood lives. All of our mothers jammed “Vision of Love” like there was no tomorrow. Everybody has sung “Hero” at least once during elementary assemblies . Mariah got even more fly when she re-discovered her black side.

Why am I talking about the Little Mermaid and Mariah? Follow me, here. Because I’m convinced they’re the same person! Yeah I said it. Mariah IS the Little Mermaid. Let’s look at the similarities:

1. Like Mariah, Ariel can sang her [wild donkey] off.
2. They’re both crazy. Mariah babbles and strips in public, while Ariel combs her hair with forks (WTF?).
3. History tells us that mermaids were created by seamen (getcha mind out the gutter) who mistook swimming dolphins for long-haired, scantily-clad, women-fish. Ironically, Mariah specializes in singing high notes that sound a lot like the noise Flipper makes. And we all know Mariah has a particular penchant for bare midriffs and mermaid-weave.
4. Both of them apparently sold their voices for a great pair of legs.

So this begs the question….if Mariah is Ariel, does that make Christina Aguilera the same person as Ursula? I mean, isn’t it odd how Mariah’s voice slowly dissipated in the late-90s right as Christina started to get her shine? In fact, I’m convinced that Mariah’s recent proclivity towards whisper-singing and constant hand-flailing is a desperate attempt to distract us from the fact her voice that disappeared faster than D’Angelo’s abs.

Disagree if you want, but why else do you think Mariah voice drifted off to whatever purgatory is holding Lauryn’s sanity??

I mean…I’m just sayin’