Lunch With Lady O : Episode 4 : Pit Stop

In this episode Nadia talks about the first pit stop in
“The Race to Lunch With Oprah,” as well as shares some “Oprah-ly” advice.

**special dance interlude around 2:25**

Also check out the official request that Nadia sent into Harpo Productions:
Nadia’s Official Request


2 responses to “Lunch With Lady O : Episode 4 : Pit Stop

  1. I love you Nadia. that is all.

  2. Umm, Nadia. Don’t be mad at me, but I found a few ::gasp:: typos in your letter. For example, you wrote “Earlier in my life, I was an Oprah-freak. Oprah could do wrong”. I think you meant “Oprah could do *no* wrong. ” Hmm, either way, maybe she’ll see that error and be drawn to sit down with you for lunch…even if only to give you a grammar lesson. I think a conversation about “PRESENT PARTICIPLESSSSS” (in my Oprah yelling voice) would actually be interesting.

    That being said, I’m actually quite encouaged that you’re following your dream. However, I’m mad/entertained at you twurkin’ to Oprah-music in your cushy desk chair lol. Lastly, I wonder why you started to talk about your invisalign braces, and then tapered off. So very random of you madam.

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