Lunch With Lady O : Episode 2

We know you’ve been waiting in eager anticipation, but here it is EPISODE 2!
Watch as Nadia makes her first call into Harpo Studios.

Stay tuned for Episode 3 hitting you later this week.

Keep watching.


4 responses to “Lunch With Lady O : Episode 2

  1. Yall, that’s my worst work yet. I said bizarre 1000 times. uggh…
    Well, let’s see what happens next.

  2. Nadia, in your effort to sound less crazy, you somehow sounded like a serial killer. I am a fan of your effort though. I’m going to start a series…”Workout with Angela Bassett”.

  3. Too funny…you said bizarre about 5 times… but the lady seemed to be really understanding. That must mean they get “bizarre” calls all the time, LOL. I hope it goes well for ya. Way to go for the gusto!

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