A Letter to Inspiration.

Where are you?
I’m where I always am.
The same place you found me before.
I’m fighting sleep.
I’m out in the open.
Come find me.
Hit me.
Turn all these jumbled thoughts into sweet lines of poetry.
You’ve done it before.
Don’t just pass me by.
You’re getting close now.
Come find me.
I can feel it.
That spark.
That tingle.
Oh so new, yet oh so familiar.
Oh, Come find me.
The haze is lifting.
The fog is not so dense.
Come find me.
Why do you always leave
as soon as the job is done?
I know I can be needy.
But these tools are useless
Without your blueprint.
I’ve tried it without you.
Those are the scattered pieces
along the floor.
So please, Oh please
Come find me.


2 responses to “A Letter to Inspiration.

  1. Thys peese iz articulates wut so mini artysts go thru on our daily quest 4 inspiration…diggin’ it 4 reel!

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