Lunch with Lady O, Part 1

Introducing a brand new segment here on Subjunctif : Lunch with Lady O.

Follow Nadia as she sets out to schedule a lunch date with Oprah.

In “Part 1” she fills you in on the why behind her pursuit.
Each week we’ll follow her trials and her triumphs.

Keep watching.


5 responses to “Lunch with Lady O, Part 1

  1. Miss McKinney –
    I have def thought of a very clever way for you to have lunch with O!!!! It will happen, and I think my lil sis will be the key! We need to chat so we can hatch the plan!

  2. if anyone deserves lunch with O, it’s nadia. i hope you can get it done, nadia!!!!

  3. Good luck!! wish I could help but i think i’m one of the top 3 least connected people in the world

  4. Love it Love it. If I could help with your pursuit in anyway Nadia I so would but I am not connected in anyway like that. I will continue to follow you in this journey and I hope that it happens.

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