“Everything Can Happen.”

Sunday night, HBO premiered a new show, “How to Make It in America.”

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the show yet, too busy hustlin’ or your homie with HBO was out of town, it’s available on YouTube until the 20th.
Peep it here.

It features Bryan Greenberg (of “One Tree Hill” fame), relative new comer Victor Rasuk (Lords of Dogtown) and in a supporting role (and what I hope was not just a marketing push), Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi. Say what you want about Cudi, but his team is on point! (Plain Pat, What up!?)
The premise: Follow two young opportunistic New Yorkers & their friends, as they try to make a name for themselves in the NY fashion scene.

Although given fairly positive reviews thus far (lots of B’s and B+’s), the show, theoretically & formulaicly would be hard pressed to fall flat. In terms of public perception, HBO+Entourage Producers = a win. HBO has been killing it lately. Have you been watching?

One of the things that sets this show apart from the others though is its marketing campaign. Big ups to the team
behind this one. It is meticulously designed to reach its target audience.
Yes hipster, you.

Besides being well placed on all the appropriate blogs and web portals, this is the first time I’ve seen a television show marketed with a mixtape. Hosted by DJ Green Lantern and curated by the boy Cudi (of course), it features the show’s theme song, “I Need A Dollar” by Aloe Blacc (It’ll be on your iPod shortly after you finish this post.), which perfectly scores all of your coffee shop business meetings and cross-town paper chases. From Styles P to Duck Sauce, the line-up is sure to appease if not completely whet your highly eclectic aural palette (sorry no obscure 1940s Appalachian folk-rock this go-round).

But this is not, just, a “You should watch this!” post. For me this show represents our reshaped view of The American Dream. It’s “Anything’s possible.” vs. “Everything can happen.” (the show’s tagline). An Obama-era Horatio Alger tale, a “recession-era, empire in decline morality-tale” (NYTimes).

It’s a show about us: every entrepreneur, artist, musician, hustler & “grind-a-holic” (shouts to my girl @E_dub_a_licious) out there. I’ll refrain from launching into my “Habits of Highly Effective Hustlers” essay, for now. But this show definitely is being filed under visual samples and research for the dissertation.

The two main characters, Ben (Greenberg) and Cam (Rasuk), collectively embody what anyone who follows in their footsteps should be: passionate yet pragmatic. I believe this is why I connect with this show. It represents so much of my own personal philosophy and just that spirit of chasing your dreams.

And no we’re not getting paid for the endorsement. If we were, you’d be reading this on our website and not WordPress.

Really I just wanted to share a visual, concrete example of what our manifesto is here. Feels good to know that we’re not the only ones trying to put this message out there. Grind Hard & Prosper.

And for all you visual learners:

Thanks for watching.



4 responses to ““Everything Can Happen.”

  1. I saw the show… it reminded me of you and me!! I love the post!!! interesting points… i just didnt like the crazy cousin (i dont think that truly happens in life but then again i dont have any cousin like him)

  2. I concur:Fashion lines with a a movie can work. I can see this working with Sex And the City. Don’t judge me. Actually, only judge me a little…

    Also, I know I’m officially not a hipster. Because shows like this don’t appeal to me. Not because they aren’t interesting…but because my wack-factor excludes me from being their target audience.

  3. PS I also feel like this type of new cross media marketing is the way of the future — it’s one thing to have a store that puts together mixtapes, soundtrack for a movie but entirely different to have a mixtape with a tv show, … even the way it sounds is, well, more…hip(ster) — I’m curious to see what other kinds of cross media marketing emerges for new businesses…perhaps fashion lines launching in sync with a movie, restaurants launching with mixtapes, lol..who knows…..just a bubble gum thought…!

  4. Wow this was a dope post, you’re like a good writer and stuff…and now i’m intruiged by this show…i may have to venture beyond the safety of Law & Order, Aqua Teen, Cheaters…and oh yeah, Law & Order

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