John Mayer + The White Chocolate Syndrome

I blame you, black people.

And before you start to organize your twitter campaign against me too,
I say that as a black man.

It’s our fault.

First off, what he said is not a racist comment. Anyone with 2/3 of a functioning brain can see that. We are so quick to throw out that race card. So quick to pre-judge before taking the time to fully understand the statement or action in question.

The man pointed out our own social contradictions. Why do we call it a “hood pass”? Are we really stating that all black people and thus our culture emanates from socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhood streets? Is that all we’ve attained? Have we not surpassed that?

And like I’ve stated before. It’s our fault. We bless these white men and women, whom we deem come close to embodying our creative spirit and identify with our culture with special recognition which insinuates certain privilege. We publicly endorse them as “getting it,” as being “just like us.” Hell before Barack, we called Clinton “our president.” But we’ll just as soon turn against them when they don’t mind their place. We’re promoting hypocrisy and creating confusion.

A similar thing happened with Eminem a few years back when we found out he really isn’t black either.

Black people, stop teasing these boys. You told Eminem, who grew up on the streets of Detroit, Michigan, made a name for himself by battle rapping, surrounded by black aggressive male culture, that he couldn’t say n***a (kids may be reading this) or speak about black women the way black men speak about black women? C’mon son!

I’m not saying we should overlook ignorant actions or bad decisions. But let the reaction equal the crime.

And as far as his second targeted statement from the interview:
John Mayer doesn’t date black women. (But didn’t we already know that already? Jessica, Jennifer… Just sayin.)
That is preference, natural attraction, or prejudice, depending on who you ask.
It is not racist.

This is racist:

Are we clear?

Good, because if anyone should be mad it should be Jessica Simpson.

& I thank you.

-Juan Pierre

And before you go, The Video:


11 responses to “John Mayer + The White Chocolate Syndrome

  1. Okay so I am so late commenting on this but I am very busy girl(church,theatre,work,girl time,shopping, signing autographs) you know the college life?
    Well I just want to state the fact the John Mayer would so date me. He does not know what he likes or what he does not like. I do believe people have preferences. However, you never know who you are going to like.
    For example, I for instance am very open to interracial relationship.. as some of you may know. I could say I do not date black guys, but that al changes we meet that person and you guys connect.. you are like oh my I never even saw myself dating a black/white/asian/hispanic person.
    But then all of this goes back to how are you as a person dating?And thats very important are you dating for fun or are you dating for marriage?What are you looking for in a person? Just looks?
    Hence, how many women have John Mayer dated within with course of 5 years?
    He is not stable in his own dating life, homieboy does not know what he wants.


  2. Nice… now you don’t have to repeat the same stories to people over and over.

  3. well i must say, i do my best to not be updated or kept abreast of anything going on anywhere. i kinda like the ignorance only as it relates to entertainment and how much emphasis we as a society put on it.

    i think that when you become famous that you are instantly put on a pedestal and it’s not fair and you didn’t ask for it, but it is what it is. because of this people feel like they need to watch and know everything you do and have an opinion on it and subsequently judge you for it. my thought is, famous or not, these people would be saying the same stuff in their regular conversations with close friends, it’s just that now we know about it and it is yet another reason for the “black man” to be oppressed.

    i agree with cheryl in that, “…people are reaching…” and i think we will continue to reach as long as we can find an excuse or someone else to blame for our lack of success or advantages or anything for that matter. the truth is blacks, whites, asians, just trying to give shout outs to all the commenters, we all have these same conversations and say things that can be very easily taken as racist in the comfort of our own circles, and if we should become famous people would hear them, read them, take them out of context, judge us for them and turn US into racist.

    i won’t say the cliche, “we have a black president” statement, but i will say, that even though we have a lot farther to go as a country as it relates to racism, we have come a long way. people 20 years ago, much less 50 would beg the question what are you complaining about. White people used to call us niggas to our face and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it, it was the norm. My point is stop making mountains out of mole hills, im so tired of the double standard.

  4. This is exactly why I LUV, LUV, LUV!!! This blog!! Me & my roommate just got thru debating this topic! The same people who are in an uproar are the same people (riding around or sitting around) quoting lyrics that this very word is used in and smiling while they do it!! One of my roommate’s homeboy (who is not african-american) said that he doesn’t us the ‘N’ word because he knows the history of it and doesn’t feel comfortable using it…Wow! JM felt comfortable sayin it becuz he’s often been in the company of AAs who are comfortable using it…if its wrong to say, its wrong to say…not just when someone that it wasn’t intended to degrade or offend uses it! And that’s how I really feel!

  5. Ur a pretty funny dude, Do I know you? This made me chuckle…

  6. Well said, we are very quick to call someone a racist buuuuuuuuuuut I do think that he’s still a moron — like the things he says in interviews.. yeah major d-bag, that is all, love this bloggggg

  7. Maybe a little Kanye-ish and maybe racist behind closed doors(lol) but not here. Well put..

  8. You’ll soon see that I’m a fan of lists. Get used to it…
    a) Thank you for responding to my mild rant-of-a-comment about needing to get another post from you.

    b) So, have you ever thought about being a writer for “The Boondocks”? I feel like you’d fit right in. Aaron McGruder needs you. The fact that you look like Huey should help…

    c) I’m at work, so I’m reading this undercover (fight the power!). Thank you for contributing to my lack in productivity.

    d) So what if John is douche-y?! So is Kanye. Except John has the sense to not rock a mullet. He’s aite in my book.

  9. Cheryl Dearborne

    I didn’t find the comments racist, I actually took the hood pass statement as him understanding that he by far is not black and could could not compare his life to the life and struggles of a black man. And even what he said about dating, I took no offense, I could say the same, I have been attracted to all types of men, but I’ve only really dated black men, so Iv’e never opened myself up to interracial dating in a sense. Anyway people are reaching on this one. Free speech say what you want, get at me when someone is trying to institutionalize…then i’ll have a problem.

  10. i still do love john mayer as a musician – i mean slow dancing in a burning room. that song kiiiiills me. but john mayer as a person, i can’t help lean towards the overwhelming public opinion that he is an asshole. his comments about his ex-girlfriends to fucking PLAYBOY magazine are NOT OKAY. the fact that he’s doing a playboy interview speaks volumes.

    as for the comments regarding race, as a person who is neither black nor white, he is racist in my opinion. but who isn’t racist? we all are. and its quite obvious john mayer is cognizant of his own racism.

    juanpierre, you make a good point that there is a huge difference on the scale of racism where rush limbaugh is white supremecist and john mayer is at the line between is this just pure preference or is this the social construction of white is more attractive than non-white?

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