“I don’t like to do .99 songs.”

Shout outs to the boys over @ Creative Control [Coodie & Chike, Dame Dash]. I absolutely love their content & what they’ve set out to do.

Saw this while I was perusing the innanetz a few days ago. I’m always happy to see anything with Erykah Badu in it. She could be sitting in a room eating chocolate pudding for 12 minutes and I would probably watch the entire video…twice. I just love this woman. But after watching the video up above, that quote lingered with me long after my 4th viewing. Had me itching to hear & see more, especially anything from this new project. And then Saturday came.

Woke up Saturday morning and saw this on the twitter machine:

After I recovered from the screaming fit I launched into, I clicked + listened. I’ll do my best here to explain the experience in words. Fairly certain I will not achieve full accuracy. Your forgiveness, I seek. Here goes:

Listening to this song is like being wrapped in your favorite blanket, near a fire, after finishing your favorite meal at the end of a bad day in a series of bad days. I was equal parts content, pensive, sad and hopeful.

Went back to the twitter machine after I listened. Discovered that the song had actually been leaked last night and what I saw was a RT + credits. And just below the post above, in her feed, was this:

However at 3:34 (Dallas Time) I was sorely disappointed. It took another hour and nine minutes for me to see any artwork or read any lyrics. But it’s Erykah, she may be late, but she always delivers. So all is always easily forgiven.

Chances are if you’re reading this you’ve probably already read the lyrics and seen said artwork. Which is why I’m not writing this a “a leak” or a “world exclusive.” It’s not what we do here.

Instead I’m taking this as an opportunity to talk about an artist who is effortlessly inspiring. Who embodies that which Subjunctif is founded on: honesty, integrity and passion; three things missing from the majority of the content we are blasted with, unsolicited, on a day to day, minute by minute, second by second basis.

So assuming you have read & seen this I won’t bother with a copy/paste. I’ll jump back into my [original point] story.

After reading the lyrics and seeing the artwork I realized how much of art is the heart behind the expression. Even after reading the lyrics I cannot fully express to you what she was attempting to say. But I understand it, because I feel it. Which may have been her intention when she sat down to create.

It’s refreshing to know that there are still artists out there that invest wholistically in their craft; where so many not only settle for, but focus on creating quick, individually sliced representations of their gifts. The argument maybe that this is easy for an established artist, like Ms. Badu, but not practical for an artist yet to establish her voice to not make the single their number one priority. Yet, why would you put anything less than your all into everything you produce?

Just sayin.

-Juan Pierre


6 responses to ““I don’t like to do .99 songs.”

  1. Juan Pierre speaks truth….tis all!

  2. agreed. its been 3 days since the last post. wtf!!!

  3. Sir, several things.

    1) You are an excellent writer. I did not know this. These increases your “get rich and famous so that Bio can hold Jon’s umbrella on the red carpet” quotient. Congrats.

    2) Thank you for referring to yourself corporately as “we”.

    3) Erykah posted her new song on my birthday (which is shared by Bob Marley). She knows what’s up.

    4) You almost made me give in and get on Twitter, just so I can follow Ms. Badu myself. Almost.

    5) what the . it’s been almost 3 whole days since your last post. Get it together, sir. Get it together.

  4. Wait! Wassup with the cameo by Deven tha Dude???

  5. i loooooooove erykah badu, especially her fabulous tweets. (one of my favorites from her http://twitter.com/fatbellybella/status/3969106025)

    and i love the new track. caaaant freaking wait for the new album

  6. Whoah! 1st let me say that I was hangin on to every word that I was reading! It was written extremely well howeva…I have to agree with you when u said…”Fairly certain I will not achieve full accuracy.” I have this on repeat…tears rollin down my face…I wanna leave, I wanna stay & I wanna comeback…all @ the same time…Sigh! I LUV E.Badu!! The ART!!! OMG!…Made me feel but it made me feel like that was my ticket…to anywhere…to anything…to be Whateva! Amazing Woman…Amazing Post!!!

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